Vies Jamaican Rum Cakes – turning a loss into a legacy.

Elaine’s mum ‘Vie’ was well-known for her scRUMptious cakes which are generously infused with the finest Jamaican white rum. When Vie sadly passed away in 2018 Elaine decided to honour her mum for the generous and talented cake maker she was, by reproducing her mum’s cakes based on the traditional recipe – and Vie’s Jamaican Rum Cakes was born.

The brief was for a brand which embodied Elaine’s mum as much as her cakes did. Vie is short for viola, and purple violets have played a special role in Vies life. As the cake is made with three different types of rum, as well as being available in a gluten-free option, the identity followed through into a series of brightly coloured packaging tags for each cake type.

It was a pleasure working with Elaine and her family to create an identity which was so personal to them.


I really appreciated the time Claire Steele took to gain a 360 degree view of my brand before creating a beautiful logo and tags that were aligned with it. She’s professional, works quickly and provides high-quality work.


– Elaine Rémy


Product photography: Victoria Sedgwick

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