7 Types of Graphic Design

I get a lot of enquiries from people wondering if they need a graphic designer for the task in hand. It can be hard, when you’re running your own business, to know who to turn to for help, and in many cases we are wearing a lot of ‘hats’ anyway, and it’s just about knowing when to pass that hat on. This week I thought I would outline my skillset and what I offer here at Lil Creative Studio, it may be useful for you to take a look and see if my skills match the project you are looking for.


Many clients who start their journey with me are ‘just after a logo’ and although this might be the case it’s never that simple when it comes to brand identity. You might need a logo but you also need a visual identity, a consistent look and feel, typography, and brand colour palette that you can extend across all your business collateral. It some cases this also means having brand guidelines that can be used to maintain your brand across different mediums. I work with a lot of business who have been trading for less than 5 years. Helping them establish a full-rounded brand that connects with their audience is something I love doing.


Leaflets, brochures, adverts, social graphics, mailshot design, the list goes on. I design loads of different marketing materials for businesses. Often a client has an idea of what they want but isn’t sure how to get that look across on paper (or in digital form). I’m very used to unravelling ideas, working with your brand and turning it into something you can use across your advertising campaign. Repurposing (and most often resizing) designs so that you can push out the campaign across all the channels, and in turn attract new business.

Website Design

I design websites. And not just any old websites, good websites that match your brand, that work well, that are easy to use (front and back end) and that take your customer on a journey right through to conversion. User interface is the fancy word for ‘what your customer sees’ and you have limited time to impress your potential customer once they hit your site. Not only that, but these days, your website also needs to be designed so its mobile responsive so it can be viewed easily on a phone and tablet. Most of all your website needs to function well, it needs to turn a visitor into a customer and it needs to be easy and simple for you to update yourself.

Print Design

This is where my design journey started, as a print designer. And over the years I have designed a lot of publication for clients, including; leaflets, luxury brochures, newsletters, staff handbooks, guide books etc. I design with brand in mind but also with a focus on longevity. You want your print collateral to look good but it also needs to last, stand the test of time and be useful to you as a business. Basically it needs to work hard for you. It may be useful to know that I can deal with your print project from start to finish, suggesting the best printers and keeping the job moving forward for you. And if its digital print you’re after I do that too, it’s easy to make most publications downloadable on your website.

Packaging Design

If you’ve got a product based business you may want to look at getting bespoke packaging designed, and like any good design your packaging needs to tell your brand story. My expertise in this area helps to get the boring things like print lines and fold lines in the right places. Think a box is a box? Think again, it’s pretty strategic getting everything designed the right way up so it all looks correct when assembled. I’ll create the visual, develop mock-ups and then the print-ready files for a product…and of course transfer what’s in your head into a usable design!

Display: wayfinding - signage - exhibition

Although I’m not asked for this as frequently anymore, display used to play a big part in my daily graphic design life. Signage and exhibition collateral helps you to stand out at events by creating large eye catching marketing graphics that give you brand presence and sell your business. Wayfinding is a specific type of graphic design that involves creating signage, landmarks and visual cues that help people identify where they are and where they need to go so they can get there without confusion. For larger businesses with large offices this may mean creating navigation signage in your brands typography. 

Art & illustration

Let me start by saying I’m not an illustrator but you can’t get through life as a graphic designer without gaining knowledge and skills in this area. With specific projects that involve bespoke illustrations I will always bring people in to work alongside me (and you), I’ll create the assets that communicate and solve problems and the illustrator will create one off artwork.

I hope this helps you to decide about when, and if, you need a graphic designer for your project. Graphic designers vary wildly on skillset so it might be worth pinpointing what you need then researching which designer has the right skills for the job. I’ve been in the design business for a long time so my experience in the above areas is vast, but I will be always be honest if I don’t feel like I’m quite the right fit for your project. Find out more about me right here and for more #designtips follow along on Instagram and LinkedIn.

#designtip – sometimes starting out with a graphic designer can seem daunting but once the relationship is established and they know your business, you might find its actually refreshing to have another person (and creative brain!) to bounce ideas off.
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Photo credit: Markus Spiske, Unsplash