Sustainable Paper

Sustainable and ethical businesses practices are at the back bone of what we do here at Lil Creative Studio (alongside really great Design of course!) and it’s never been more important to use these sustainable practices in your everyday business life. We recently wrote a blog outlining the A-Z of sustainability, which you can find here, and it got us thinking more about sustainable paper.


There has been a massive movement towards sustainable print work in the last few years, with businesses looking to operate with more ‘green efficiency’ with sustainable paper and biodegradable inks at the forefront of this. This progress means that businesses are able to continue with important practices whilst helping to make steps towards a green future.

So, what is sustainable paper?

Paper is one of our natural resources, and one of the most recycled products in the world. There was a time when paper was considered bad for the environment, with large paper plants being blamed for pollution and other environmental impacts, but in fact the paper industry is a frontrunner in the message ‘make, use, and recycle’. The industry is also regulated by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which means that fibres used in paper can only come from sustainable sources.


What about recycled paper?

For paper to be classed as recycled it needs to be made entirely from recycled fibres. The manufacture of recycled paper uses less energy, water, and produces lower carbon emissions, than manufacturing than non-recycled paper. These days there is a lot more awareness around the bleaching process of recycled paper, and many businesses aim to use chlorine- free agents in the process.


Of course, paper can’t be recycled and reused indefinitely, everything has a life span. So many paper making facilities use a combination of sustainably sourced virgin fibres and recycled fibres.


Curbing your carbon emission by planting trees

It’s all in the paper you choose. It might seem like a random idea but the paper you choose can make a big difference to trees. Paper giant, Premier Paper, have partnered up with The Woodland Trust to reduce the COemissions generated by the production, storage and distribution of paper. This has resulted in 266,666 trees being planted. Making sustainable paper one of your business goals means that you are contributing to the movement of ‘little things adding up to a lot’ and the more we talk about sustainability in business the more mainstream it will become.


What does sustainable paper mean for my business?

While Digital Media still out ways paper in the battle to be green, paper may not be as bad as you think. This means when it comes to marketing materials, print is most definitely back in. Over the years many businesses have steered away from this option, preferring to stick to Digital Media, but with this area of marketing becoming extremely saturated there has never been a better time to think print. Especially with all these sustainable paper options.


Want to learn more about how sustainable practices can be part of your business? We are also here to chat, especially as this is a topic close to our heart. You can find out more about how sustainable print work right here. Creating the right design and picking the right printer goes a long way in making print better for our environment.

#designtip – Research different paper options; Did you know? Paper can also be made from alternative materials such as cotton, sugar cane, hemp or linen.

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