Top 5 Design tools for Social Media Graphics

“Social Media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you.”

– Matt Goulart

Making your Social Media Graphics stand out against the millions of other posts is difficult. First you need a topic, then text, images and hashtags. But how do you make all of the above stand out and drive engagement or traffic to your website?


The simple answer is to use a Social Media Design Tool. It needs to be easy to use, suited for social media marketing, with plenty of design assets and usable for all Social Media platforms.

So what are the top 5

1. Spark Post

Being a designer I love Adobe Spark Post. Accessible for both Web and as an App, there is a large selection of professional templates, which are sorted into categories and can be easily customisable. The design templates are minimal and contemporary. (Full disclosure – I have a Creative Cloud plan so have Spark Premium which offers enhanced features)


2. Canva

This is my clients tool of choice. It can be used both for Web and as an App. Canva is easy to use and has hundreds of templates for every design project. There are plenty of free images, illustrations and fonts.


3. Desynger

Designed for both Web and as an App. Like Canva it has a large selection of templates for any and every design project, not just social media. There are less templates and assets available than Canva.


4. Design Bold

Similar to Canva but it can only be used in a Browser window. It has a simple drag and drop interface which make it easy to use. As it is not as popular you are less likely to see a similar post elsewhere.


5. Pablo

If you are regularly posting then there is a chance you use Buffer – a social media scheduling tool. For web only, Pablo doesn’t have the biggest range of templates or design assets. However, for quick text and image posts then Pablo is for you.


#designtip – for ease of use and to keep your brand consistent use a limited number of layouts!

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