We were part of a team that implemented orientation signage around the University of Bristol to assist new students and visitors find their way around the campus. University of Bristol is made up of a collection of buildings located in various areas of Bristol city centre and surrounding suburbs. As a new visitor finding your way around the city streets can be disorientating and confusing.

To begin with we broke the University into five zones in which specific departments could be found. Each of these zones was given a name, a colour, and a symbol to help identify the zone. The next job was to develop orientation maps that both clearly identified the zones, and enabled students and visitors to easily find there way around the campus.

All of this information was collated onto way finding signage which displayed; the campus map, listed all University departments and services via zones, and included finger posts which orientated people towards the nearby departments and zones. The colour of the external and internal building signage matched the zone they were located in.

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    University of Bristol

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    Campus way finding

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