The Francis Scott Trust has been awarding grants every year to charitable organisations operating in Cumbria and north Lancashire since 1963. In 2022 the board decided it was time for a brand refresh more suitable to modern marketing.

The first thing the did was take a deep dive into the purpose of the trust, the values and also their core audience. One of the first issues identified was the name of the trust – which was originally the ‘Francis C Scott Charitable Trust’ – both a mouthful and difficult to display on social media.

The next stage was the brand design. We were asked to develop both a modern concept, as well as take a more conservative approach. We explored the use of graphic shapes and illustration for the contemporary idea; but it was the photographic led, traditional proposal that felt most at home with the ethos of the Trust.

The final stage was developing the brand across different mediums. How it could work both on in-house paperwork, as well as external display and marketing. As the Trust did not have an extensive photographic library to source their imagery from, a plan has been implemented to take photos of various projects over the years.

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