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Lil Creative Studio provides ethical design services – brand, print, web and display – to businesses, community groups and charities in the UK.

Lil Creative Studio provides ethical design services – brand, print, web and display – to businesses, community groups and charities in the UK.

Claire Steele sitting against a stone wall surrounded by brand sketches
Credit: Mindy Coe Photography

Hello, I’m Claire

I am a visual designer and founder of Lil Creative Studio. I am fascinated by words and images. I like playing with them, forming new ideas and creating new conversations. But most of all I like designing them, shaping words and images to communicate in an engaging way. In the words of Saul Bass

“I want to make beautiful things even if nobody cares.” – Saul Bass

I am a trained brand and print designer, and spent the early part of my career specialising in internal and external communications for the education and the third sector. Since 2014 I have extended my skills into UX and website design. I don’t ever sit still and am always pushing myself to learn new things, so watch this space!

Future Fixers

Since November 2020 I have had the privilege of being a Director at Future Fixers – a social enterprise offering training and development with a people, planet and nature focus. Future Fixers has a variety of offerings including the flagship Purposeful Business Start-up Programme which runs a few times a year, helping start-ups or business in their first few years of trading set up a business with purpose at it’s core.


We also run a monthly Good Business Advice drop-in day in Kendal, as well as coaching sessions, away days and networking opportunities. To find out more about Future Fixers please visit the website »

Why Ethical Design?

Where Sustainable Design seeks to reduce negative impacts on the environment, Ethical Design goes one step further and seeks to use design to influence peoples behaviour to benefit individuals and society as a whole.


My interest in sustainability began as a child when our primary school ran a fundraising event collecting aluminium cans for money. Our class were asked to design posters to promote the event and raise awareness. Looking back, not only did this one-off school fundraiser introduced me to the world of design, but it also showed me the impact our actions have on our environment. Since then I have tried to live a life that leaves minimal traces on the world.

In 2007 I was given the opportunity to bring my personal values into the workplace. This showed me you can embed your ethical values into a business and influence the people you work with.


Since founding Lil Creative Studio I have strived to reduce my impact. The office is run on renewable energy, I am committed to sustainable print, and I provide ethical hosting services.


In 2021 I was certified by Green Small Business; a small business alternative to ISO 14001. Green Small business helps Businesses review company structures and practices to enable them to move to a more sustainable way of working. Please read our environmental policy and current environmental action plan.

The office runs on 100% renewable energy

Leaves in a digital network for Sustainable Hosting Icon

We offer 100% green hosting for your website

We provide sustainable print for your literature

We are working towards sustainable website design

Work with me

Do you have a project in mind but are unsure how to begin? Please email Claire at We will arrange an informal chat over the phone to see how I can help you.