Latest edition of Ephemera

The latest edition of Ephemera from Hour of Writes * has just been delivered to the offices (design by yours truely!). Issue 6 is in a new slender size format, and is the best issue ever (or so we say).

The theme for this issue was ‘Metamodernism & Summer Holidays’ and the Guest Editor was Daniel Hayes. Daniel was also August guest editor for the Hour Of Writes weekly writing competition. He culminated his month long spot with the creation of this edition.

The magazine features include: poetry by Walt Whitman, travel tales in Wales, and a sandwich recipe from Bulgaria. In addition we have the latest installment of Emma Dickens ‘The Pluck of Eliza Stokes,’ and the winning and featured entries from last months Hour Of Writes competition; Time & Space, Coming Home Again, Nothing Ever Ends, and Back To Normal.

You can grab your copy of Ephemera by heading over to the HoW shop.

In addition to the design of Ephemera, Lil’ Creative Studio manages the Social Media Marketing for the Weekly Hour of Writes competition. If you are interested in seeing more please visit my portfolio or head over to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. (Instagram is my personal favourite as I get to share literary quotes and images inspired by the weekly competition. Basically it just looks pretty – and people find it inspirising).


* Hour of Writes is a literary creative outlet, taking the form of a timed weekly writing competition. You have an hour to write anything you like in response to a weekly title. It can be poetry, prose, fiction or journalism. All entries must be made on the official form at the Hour Of Writes website. Last possible entry is at 23.00GMT+1 every Friday. £3 entry with predicted £50 prize money (Please see Hour Of Writes Competition Rules for full details of prize fund operation).



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