Is a graphic designer right for my business?

Well, what a busy few weeks it has been here at Lil Creative Studio with some really interesting print designs to get my teeth into, this is something I really enjoy and I always aim to bring my love of visual design to your business in a way that shows who you are and what you stand for. With new clients I often get asked ‘is a graphic designer right for my business?’ and in this blog I aim to outline how my services can match your business needs.

First lets talk about what I do

As you may have already gathered, if you have been perusing the website, I work with ethical and purpose driven business, and with a lot of charities and independent businesses. This allows me to bring my love of visual design to businesses that do good. I am dedicated to sustainable printing and my website is powered by 100% renewable energy. My services range from logos, branding, marketing, literature, leaflets, brochures, websites and social media.

#designtip – you might not know where you want to start or even what area you really need help in. That’s ok! First thing I do with every potential client is a friendly chat to discuss what your business offers to help establish what parts need development.

Ok… but how do I know if I need a graphic designer?

Almost every business can benefit from the skills of a designer but it’s not just about putting pictures on paper (or in digital form) it’s about telling your brand story. While I can supply you with ‘just a logo’ it’s your brand story that’s important and this can be brought to life through design. In fact, most aspects of business collateral can be created by a graphic designer.

#designtip – the overall ‘look and feel’ of your business is what your customer first sees. Once you get this right it becomes easier to implement your marketing strategy, and improve your customer/client journey.

From small to large jobs

Need a quick edit to a logo so it meets social media size specifications? Need a large and extensive information booklet to tell clients about a specific product? Need a website that takes users on a journey through your business? From full scale branding projects to creating graphics for your socials, a graphic designer can take an idea and turn it into reality.

#designtip – once you know what your brand is, smaller tasks associated with design collateral are made much more simple.

But what about a website?

Amongst the most important of your design collateral, a website allows you to really tell your brand story AND in this day and age of social media your website is the one place YOU have full control and ownership. Getting a professionally designed website done will inspire confidence in your company and make your customers trust you more.

#designtip – don’t forget about words when it comes to your website, what you say can make a difference.

What about a little advertising?

Advertising can be expensive so it’s important to make the right impression, especially if you only have limited go at it! Designing something that’s different, that stands out, that sets you apart from your competitors is important and getting these designed by someone who can showcase your business in the best way will help to attract the customers you want.

#designtip – to save on costs make sure you get designs that can be repurposed across your different advertising channels.

So, what happens next?

The first step is to decide upon your goals – are you looking to define your business or do you already have this sorted and you want to expand on it further? Perhaps you have an idea about where you want to position your business or maybe you need to talk to someone who can bring new ideas to the table? Whatever stage of your business journey you are currently on, a graphic designer can help to bring your business to life.


I hope this has helped you to think a little more about if a graphic designer is the right option for your business and, moving forward, how you go about identifying what your business needs. Lil Creative Studio is a multi-disciplinary design studio providing a range of services that aim to produce ethical design which is good for business.

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