How to create a Brand Board

First thing I do for every new client is create a ‘brand board’.

A brand board / inspiration board / mood board helps me to focus the design style for that client. Whether I need inspiration for a logo, website, printed literature or social media feed, a brand board is a great way of making sure I stay ‘on brand’.


I have started telling my clients they need to create their own too. It is incredibly useful for them to keep their social media and marketing on track.⠀

So how do you create one?

There are lots of different ways; some people have a scrap book, others a noticeboard, but for me Pinterest is my best friend. It’s purpose is it to pin ideas, patterns, images, colours in one reference spot that you can visit again and again and again. So what do I recommend?

1. Pin images and ideas that:⠀

•  fit your brand personality⠀

•  speak to your audience⠀

•  are in line with your brand message.⠀


2. You can make them public or secret depending on what they contain, and I do a combination of both.


3. You can have one board but I would suggest breaking your ‘brand boards’ into themes.⠀



•  Competitors (a good idea to keep an eye on them!)⠀

•  Brand Values

•  What inspires you

•  Board by Social Media type ie. Instagram, LinkedIn etc. I use these ones to make note of information I want to share.⠀


4. You can have as many pins as you like, but a good way to focus your brand style is to limit the board to 20-40 pins.⠀


5. I would recommend visiting these boards every few months and adding/deleting as you and your business evolve.

So what are you waiting for? Log into Pinterest and start pinning.