Chisel Point

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Patrick and Anne both had lives outside the ‘Art World’ until they retired. Patrick was an architect, who worked mainly on listed buildings, and Anne was a lecturer who trained Early Years teachers. When they retired, rather than sitting around playing ‘tiddlywinks,’ Patrick and Anne decided to encourage people to draw, particularly those who feel they might not be able to. In 2003 they combined their various areas of expertise; Patrick told Anne how to draw and paint, and Anne told Patrick how to teach. Once achieved they started teaching art workshops in graphite and watercolour at Brantwood, and later at Furness Abbey.

Over this period Patrick developed a particular drawing technique, using graphite, which he called ‘Chisel Point’. As this technique developed, alongside the teaching courses, Patrick dreamed of a training manual to support their teaching, and enable anyone to learn the technique of ‘chisel point’. But the question was who could make this dream a reality?

After a chance discussion about art & information design, Patrick commissioned Lil’ Creative Studio to produce his dream. It is a wonderful training manual, with tips and hints supplied by Patrick, written as though he was standing there teaching you. The book also showcases the technique of ‘chisel point’ and features pieces by Patrick, Anne and their son-in-law Joshua. If you are interested in learning a new drawing technique how about giving it a go. You can contact Patrick via his website .

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