Welcome to Lil’ Creative Studio, a multi-disciplinary Design Studio set in the beautiful South Lake District in Cumbria. We specialise in design for Print, Digital, Identity & Display.

Our core purpose is to use creative thinking to shape meaningful communications.


We are creative thinkers. Ideas are more than thoughts or suggestions. An idea implemented well creates purpose and clear communication. Without ideas your business is lost in the noise.


We are information designers. Our aim is to present your communications efficiently, for effective and powerful understanding.


We are holistic. To keep your business sustainable; the environmental, economic and social aspects of your business must be in harmony. We also believe business can be a force for positive change. Let’s make a difference to our world.


How we work

We use the ‘Design Thinking’ methodology to find the best outcome for every client. Design Thinking is a problem solving technique that draws upon logic, creativity, empathy, curiosity and teamwork. Design Thinking is a mindset, it is about believing you can make a difference and having a structured framework to explore the possibilities to create a positive impact.


1. EMPATHIZE: understand the needs and the motivations of the end user
2. DEFINE: research, research, research
3. IDEATE: idea generation, there are no wrong answers
4. PROTOTYPE: design a solution.
5. IMPLEMENT: which prototype works best? Design the final solution
6. EVOLVE: how is the design received? Learn from the feedback to continually refine the solution.

Work with us

Lil’ Creative Studio is headed by Claire Steele, who has over 14 years of experience working in the design field. The Studio works in collaboration with freelancers from other disciplines to offer a full range of services. Our network of people allows us to offer full design service with the creativity and flexibility of working with freelancers.

If you like what we have say how about working with us? Email or call Claire for a free consultation and quotation.